Protecting the Grid

Encrypted Grid is on a mission to prevent nation states or hackers from causing regional or national blackouts throughout the US.

This is accomplished by encrypting the IEEE 61850  protocols that have never been able to be encrypted and transmitted before.
We have built a data conversion and encryption system that is capable of securing and transmitting energy sector protocols in real time.

The Problem

Our Solution

Our system works in real-time. We currently encrypt and network GOOSE data in less than 0.06 milliseconds. We will NEVER bottleneck your system.
We use a patent pending KEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. We never have to send any key generation data. We don’t require any real world synchronization.
Our solution is running entirely on our custom FPGA chip. All the networking and encryption is handled on the hardware. No software operating systems. No software controls. No remote off switch.
Our encryption is implemented on the binary level for an all encompassing security. The scheme is ever-changing with 10512 combinations.
Our method has minimal energy consumption and negligible thermal radiation. The total Thermal Power Dissipation is 548.08 milliwatts. 
Anything that works with TCP/IP protocol will be protected; Legacy Controls, HMI’s, DCS, RTU and Network Switches.

How It Started

The Inventor - Brian Penny

Brian Penny is a classically trained musician and audio engineer. He has a natural proclivity for sound design and computation. This odd perspective compelled him to combine his artistic fervor with mathematics. Thus began his tampering with Analog to digital convertors for the purpose of manipulating sound. After looking at the processed data, he realized that his method was altering the length of the waveforms in real time.

His understanding of encryption was more than enough to generate the "light bulb" moment and the realization that he could implement this technique for the purpose of real-time encryption.

Brian Penny brought this encryption process to his lifelong friend and current business partner Bryan Kane, at which point they developed the original patent together.

The Investor - Pat Hull

In 2016 Bryan Kane shared the encryption patent with his friend of ten years, Pat Hull to discuss the prospect of partnering. Pat's clandestine knowledge of boolean algebra and binary language in general gave him the ability to recognize the potential in real-time variable word length encryption. His tried and true business acumen made the multiple paths to market perfectly clear. Pat swiftly understood that with further investment and development, the technology would be the solution to countless existing and future encryption issues and become the universal protocol for the IoT (Internet of Things).

“Quantum computing is coming; and, with it, the security of modern cryptography will be compromised . . .”

- Mitchell Palmer

Read Mitchell Palmer’s paper for an in-depth analysis of our encryption and quantum computing:   “Variable Word Length: A Quantum-Proof Encryption Solution
Read the Paper

The Team

Pat Hull


Pat Hull is a prolific entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience launching and guiding successful companies and investments. He has a passion for marketing innovations and has led two companies through public acquisitions.

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John Downing


Founder & CEO of Turbine Controls & Excitation Group, Inc. John Downing is a power generation thought leader with over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, operation, troubleshooting and repair of complex power generation control systems.

More About John

Carroll D. Hurst, CPA


Carroll Hurst was a founding partner of Keiter in 1978 and is now a Director at Keiter and Keiter Advisors, focusing on transaction consulting. Carroll applies his knowledge and expertise to provide transactionadvisory services to privately-owned businesses.

More About Carroll

Brian Penny


Brian Penny is a musician and sound engineer. His career spans work in studios, live performance, and teaching. His obsession with sound design led to tampering with clocks to create unusual sounds. He combined binary word lengths and clocks to create Encrypted Sensors.

Bryan Kane

Director of Sales & Marketing

Bryan Kane uses a simple approach to his business endeavors: networking and understanding people. Bryan is the business development for GUM studios, a film production studio based in NYC and has previous collaborations in the technology and entertainment arena.

Greg Young


President & CEO of AP&M, LLC. US Army Helicopter Pilot & 20+ years in the Energy Equipment Distribution and Aftermarket Services

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B. Keith (BK) Fulton


Chairman of Ario, LLC; Retired Mid-Atlantic Region Lead Executive, Verizon. Founding Chairman and CEO of Soulidifly Productions, LLC

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David A. Christian


Dominion Energy Chief Innovation Officer. Served as chief nuclear officer and CEO at all three Dominion operating units

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In the News

Our encryption method is non-algebraic, happens on the binary level, is ever-changing, and lives on stand-alone hardware units to eliminate backdoors and user error.

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